Zeitgeist Films | Cowards Bend the Knee
Guy Maddin
Film Info
64 mins
Tinted B&W
Silent with English intertitles
Digibeta (shot on Super8)
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
Rating: Not Rated

Adapted from a ten-part peephole installation, COWARDS BEND THE KNEE is "jam-packed with enough kinetically photographed action to seem like a never-ending cliffhanger...In this twisted and poisoned wish-fulfillment, the mythomaniacal Maddin casts 'himself' (actually, Darcy Fehr) as a hockey sniper made lily-livered by mother and daughter femme fatales, and resurrects his father as as the team's radio broadcaster and his own romantic antagonist. Set in a shadow-suffused hockey arena and a Mabuse-like beauty salon-slash-abortion clinic, the plot drips with Grecian formula, as sordid family secrets spawn unintentional murder most foul." -Mark Peranson

"Maddin's masterpiece!" -J.Hoberman, The Village Voice
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