Zeitgeist Films | Diva Dolorosa
Peter Delpeut
Film Info
70 mins
Tinted B&W
Silent with English intertitles
Rating: Not Rated
Peter Delpeut

Born in 1956, Peter Delpeut studied at the Dutch Film Academy. He worked as an editor for film magazine Skrien from 1982-1988, and was programmer and deputy-director of the Netherlands Filmmuseum from 1988-1995. He was in charge of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival workshop in 2003 and was Artist in Residence of the Dutch Film Academy from 2004-2005.

Selected filmography:
Lyrical Nitrate (1990)
The Forbidden Quest (1992) (Grand Prize Mannheim Film Festival)
Cinéma Perdu (1995)
Felice...Felice... (1998) (opening film International Film Festival Rotterdam, awarded Best Dutch Feature Film 1998)
Diva Dolorosa (1999)
In Loving Memory (2001)
Go West, Young Man! (2003)