Non Theatrical Ordering Info

Educational Purchase

Educational and Classroom Rights for our titles are currently handled by Kino Lorber.

Our films are available for streaming and purchase by Educational institutions and libraries. Please contact for details.

Open Showings

Open showing rights are available through Zeitgeist Films.

Open showings are public or private screenings for an audience, with or without charging admission. Any screening that is not taking place in the confines of a home is considered an open showing. Please email or for open showing prices.

We charge a minimum guarantee film rental for showings to an open audience. Depending on the screening the rental may include a specified percentage of the gross receipts.

Zeitgeist has a catalogue of over 25 years of films available on a variety of formats: Please specify your preferred format on the rental form, BluRay, DCP, 16mm, 35mm.

Shipping Fees

Shipping for Blu-ray and DVD is $10. Shipping for DCP is $15. The venue is responsible for round-trip shipping for 16mm and 35mm prints. It is preferable and economical for the requester to provide a shipping account.


For open showings and rentals we accept institutional purchase orders or pre-payment by checks made out to Zeitgeist Films Ltd. or Paypal: adrian@zeitgeistfilms

Payment terms: net 30 days.

Box Office Reports

If required, please submit a written box office report by email or fax within 24 hours of your screening. Indicate the total amount received for admission.

Promotional Materials

Photos and press kits for most of our films can be downloaded in digital format from our website:


Provided that Zeitgeist receives notification 7 days before the play date, any open showing may be cancelled. If Zeitgeist does not receive this notification in time, full rental, shipping and handling charges must be paid.

Print Returns

DCPs, prints and discs must be returned on the first working day following your showing. Please contact nancy@zeitgeistfilms or emily@zeitgeistfilms for forward shipping instructions. Films must be returned prepaid via FedEx Ground or similar trackable shipping service. Under no circumstances may you ship any film via the United States Postal Service!

Unless otherwise instructed, 35mm and 16mm prints should NOT be returned to the Zeitgeist office.

Damaged Material

The exhibitor shall pay the cost of replacement of any film material which is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed between the time of delivery to them and return to our depot, except while in transit according to Zeitgeist’s instructions.